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Hello The complex brand distribution market Ssaka.

Since its founding in 1994, Ssaka has pioneered the multi-brand distribution market, which is a soccer professional multi shop, and achieved remarkable growth thanks to the support of its customers who love football.

In the meantime, Korea has achieved a brilliant achievement including 7th consecutive World Cup finals, self-help and advancement to the World Cup Round 16 in addition to the overwhelming performance of the World Cup. In addition, I was able to stand up to the national championship in the far-flung country of soccer by winning the 3rd place of the women's World Cup tournament under the age of 20 and the women's world cup under 17 years old. I am very pleased that Ssaka could have been here every moment of victory here.

In line with the development of soccer in the Republic of Korea, we have grown to become the largest sporting goods company in Korea in handling items and trading volume. Thank you again for your patronage.

Future Ssaka is going to grow into a mammoth sporting goods company that covers everything from manufacturing to distribution. We would like to open our new horizon as a corporation that contributes to the health of the people by supplying high quality sporting goods with various product line connecting from Namyangju and Euljiro to the well-being from soccer to well-being.

Please continue to support me and encourage me. I will do my best.

ISL Group

President & CEO

ISL (IMPERTAL SPORTS LINE) is a new symbol of the Sacca Family and is the grand vision of the future of the future.
Educational History
  • 1981.1 Graduation from Kongju High School
  • 1988.2 Bachelor of Economics, Chungnam National University
  • 2005.8 Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of National Strategy National Management Major in Political Science
Current post
  • Current Chairman of ISL Group
  • Ssaka Co., Ltd. CEO
  • CEO of Best Eleven Corporation Publishers
  • Vice President of National Youth and Youth League, President of Seoul
  • Vice Chairman, Korea Sports Industry Promotion Association
  • Director, Planning and Finance, Korea National Football Association
  • 1985.1 Army expiration
  • 1998 Moorim Paper Co., Ltd. Planning and Coordination Office
  • 1991 Management Planning Office of Dongyang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
  • (Former) Director, College Football Association (KFA)